Pakistan Sounds

The Reverberation of Pakistani Music


Pakistan Sounds Radio is an objective based platform to reach audience around the world who understand Pakistani languages or in one way or the other, have any interests or links with Pakistan. This web radio presents Pakistan through words, voices and beats. Pakistan Sounds Radio presents a catchy mix of programs for the listeners. The 24×7 content is mainly in Urdu language for being it is the widely understood. However, other languages of Pakistan including Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Dari, Balochi and English are also given due representation. RPS is not only a radio, it is a bond among all Pakistani voices!


Pakistan enjoys an important status in the world due to its rich historic and cultural back ground and for being located at a strategic position on globe. RPS also presents content in languages which are important for Pakistanis including German and Chinese.

Say YES to voices and beats from Pakistan!